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The exaggerated death of the far right

This year’s defeat of populist-nationalist parties in elections in France and Holland, and their apparent political setbacks elsewhere, has been hailed as evidence that the recent surge of far right movements has ended. But the things that fuelled it – terrorism, refugee migration, working class anxieties – haven’t gone away. And in Donald Trump’s America, many countries in Europe, and even parts of Canada, populist-nationalism remains a potent and growing political force, especially among young people. It would be a mistake to dismiss it, writes Patrick Speck.

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How Western Canada can triumph

Remember the “firewall” letter from Stephen Harper and Ted Morton? Mark Milke does and argues it's long overdue for an updated Alberta Agenda–this time to include the West…

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The Audacity of Despair: Book Review of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism

One inevitable side-effect of the disastrous performance of the U.S. Republicans in recent elections, and the apparent revival of statist economics across the western world, has been a sudden proliferation of books offering theories on the decline of conservatism and prescriptions for its revival. Derbyshire, however, makes a surprisingly energetic and amusing case for why conservatives should be unrelentingly pessimistic.

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