If you are interested in writing for C2C Journal, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Our goal is to provide our growing national audience of dedicated readers and thinkers, including academics, journalists, political activists and other influencers, with ideas-driven, well-written coverage of and commentary about critical issues and current events. We aim to add valuable new information and insight to stories and issues that are timely and topical, and we strive to do it with writing that is fair, accurate, and balanced as well as polished, engaging, and entertaining.

We welcome thoughtful commentaries about Canadian and international politics at all levels, or about culture (high or popular), sociology, law, economics, science and philosophy, or any combination of the above, which are guided by the principles of democratic governance, individual freedom, free markets, environmental stewardship, and peace and security.

Beyond that, our content and stylistic boundaries are limited only by your imagination. We have published first-person memoirs of political and philosophical awakenings; comic doggerel; music, art and poetry reviews; in depth policy critiques and advocacy; and a satirical memo from a liberal junior editor to a progressive publisher that read like an excerpt from C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters.

The only thing we never publish is policy or political advice explicitly offered to particular political parties or leaders. In short, we don’t do large P partisan.

If you wish to propose an article for C2C please write a short, pithy pitch summarizing your story and suggesting a length, and send it to

If you have not been previously published in C2C Journal, please indicate your writing experience and provide samples.