Stories that matter from near and far.

The left still demonizes Margaret Thatcher in Britain and elsewhere as the wicked witch of capitalist oppression. So it’s nice to be reminded occasionally, as this piece does, that she rescued the U.K. economy from the unions and reclaimed Westminster from the aristocracy, which made life a lot better for everyone in between.

Last year restaurant jobs in New York City suffered the biggest losses since the 9-11 attacks. Terrorism had nothing to do with it, although for a now unemployed former McDonald’s server on Manhattan, the impacts of the state-legislated increase in the minimum wage to $15 and the worst domestic terrorist event in U.S. history are pretty much the same.

Finally, a Twitter feed worth following. Officially dubbed the “Official News Aggregator Service of the Laurentian Elite, Canada’s chosen people,” it can help non-Laurentians understand why so many folks within the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal Axis of Righteousness think the way they do.