Author: Rory Leishman

How the Court Party outlived Harper

Among the many conservative hopes that accompanied Stephen Harper’s arrival in office a decade ago was an ambition to toughen the criminal justice system and rebalance the powers of the legislative and judicial branches of government. In Rory Leishman’s view, there was modest progress on the former and almost none on the latter. It was not for lack of trying; the Court Party is just too entrenched in Canadian law and policy-making to be budged by mere elected legislators.

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Unlike the West, Egypt’s president calls for a revolution in Islam

Rarely do mainstream Muslim leaders acknowledge a link between Islamist extremism and the core teachings of their religion. But the President of Egypt has done so, and called for a “religious revolution” to save Islam from self-destruction. It’s a message that must be echoed by Muslims in Canada and elsewhere to end the spiralling violence and oppression being committed around the world in the name of Allah. Rory Leishman explains…

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Innocence lost

The world is supposed to need more Canada; peaceful, tolerant and inclusive. Digging through the murky networks of global terrorism, however, Rory Leishman argues that what Canada is offering the world is a soft touch for radicalisation that leads to further.

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The Conservative Case Against Decriminalization

For some Canadians, Canada’s leadership in cannabis consumption might be a matter of indifference, if not national pride. Such complacency is misplaced. With millions of Canadians already suffering from the evils of alcohol abuse and tobacco addiction, no one should be indifferent to the growing menace of cannabis abuse and addiction.

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