Author: Paul Pryce

What makes Millennials tick

The reliable conservative seniors’ vote is literally dying out. It’s being replaced by baby boomers who are chronically left-leaning. Young people tend to vote left too. So where’s the future for right wing parties? Believe it or not, writes millennial Paul Pryce, it’s with his generation, which is deeply suspicious of big government, cherishes individual freedom, and is waking up to the fact that they’re being stuck with a whopping debt-and-tax bill by an aging population.

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Where the Revolution Isn’t

Current election polling suggests Canadians could wake up to a very different Parliament on October 20, but in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the northern territories there is little evidence of much hunger for either “real change” or being “ready for change”. Paul Pryce went looking for both in federal and provincial polling, by-election results, riding redistributions, and the 2015 crop of candidates, but all he found was apparent contentment with the status quo.

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Lifting a Finger for Democracy

People vote online a lot. They vote for the best cat videos and the best “celebrity bodies.” They vote in daily insta-polls on countless media websites. So it seems reasonable to expect they would vote online in, you know, democratic elections. But they don’t, much. It’s not for lack of trying to increase Internet balloting by governments and political parties. But as Paul Pryce reports, virtual voting has done little to boost turnout in real elections, while adding exorbitant costs and serious risks to the democratic process…

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Boomers: The true start-up generation

Many have portrayed the boomer generation as the selfish one, more interested in entitlements than putting back. Paul Pryce, a self-declared millennial decides to take one for the team, pointing out that the Boomers are leading the way starting up companies, and speculates on how his generation should respond.

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