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Michael Taube is a columnist for The Washington Times and a weekly pundit on CTV News Channel.

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  • Foreign policy rarely figures prominently in Canadian federal election campaigns. Typically the ballot question is framed by domestic issues, fiscal and economic conditions, and the personalities of the party leaders. But a year out from the 2015 election, foreign policy issues are omnipresent in Canadian politics. From Islamist terrorism at home and abroad, to Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, to the Ebola outbreak in Africa, the world seems a dreadfully dark and dangerous place. As a result, write Michael Taube and Paul Bunner, a big question on voters’ minds next October may well be, which party and which leader can best keep our country safe?

  • Posted: January 4, 2011

    Tom Thomson is regarded as one of Canada's greatest artists. People come from all over the world to view his magnificent paintings in art galleries and museums. But will Thomson still be regarded as a national treasure if he turns out to be a conservative? This controversial article examines Thomson's life and work, and reaches a conclusion that will surprise many readers – and drive a stake in the heart of Canada's left-leaning arts community to boot.

  • There’s a new book out on Stephen Harper. Too bad it’s a caricature of the Prime Minister instead of a more nuanced portrait….

  • Posted: March 1, 2010

    Don’t look for another case of treason any time soon argues Michael Taube in a column that supplements this month’s treason issue…

  • Posted: June 22, 2009

    For the first time in nearly a quarter century, conservatives are at a crossroads. The recent Canadian and American elections, and the dramatic turn of events that preceded and followed both results, have dramatically changed the course of conservatism.