Author: Michael Coren

Leftist Artists and Their Totalitarian Friends

An analysis of how social engineering and eugenics have their origins in the socialist and progressive movements and ideas of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and how some of those generally considered on the right and light side of history in fact did much to cause great harm and suffering.

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Islam and Western Society

Michael Coren asks whether Islam is reconcilable with western, pluralistic values. Using examples of the Islamic reaction to the Danish cartoons of Mohammad and how one particular town in England has changed through Muslim immigration, he raises severe doubts about the future of the relationship unless we change out current attitudes. Coren explains that while many Muslims simply want to live as westerners, we have yet to fully understand the radical Islamic imperative which seeks to transform the nature of any society where it settles. It would be simple, but incredibly dangerous, to assume that Islam follows similar patterns to other religions. He argues that this debate is the most important of the age.

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