Author: Matt Bufton

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Sorry Conservatives, we’re just not that into you

Last month C2C Journal published an argument in support of “Fusionism” by conservative policy expert and political activist Sean Speer. It posited that conservatives and libertarians are natural philosophical allies who should work together to elect Conservative governments. Speer originally made his case in a public debate at Carleton University earlier this year with leading Canadian libertarian Matt Bufton. Bufton’s rebuttal, adapted for publication, counters that Conservatives are philosophically unreliable allies that libertarians ought to avoid bedding down with, and instead market their ideas to any party willing to implement them.

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Democracy in America (same as it ever was)

Everyone who thinks the U.S. presidential contest between “Crooked Hillary” Clinton and “Lyin’ Donald” Trump is the worst choice American voters have ever faced should think again. Sure they’re both awful, writes Matt Bufton, but no worse than the parade of slave owners, warmongers, and megalomaniacs who have competed for the presidency in the past.

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