Author: Mark Jacka

Mao who?

100 years ago this November the Bolsheviks overran St. Petersburg and Communism began its century of political tyranny and economic ruin. In the same month 28 years ago the Berlin Wall came down and Communism appeared destined for ‘dustbin of history’. But today, Marxist, socialist and even Communist ideals seem everywhere ascendant. Mark Jacka wonders why and finds that while the crimes of Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, et al have all but disappeared from the public and post-secondary education system of the West, their ideology remains as pervasive as ever.

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Does the left hate Canada?

Hardly a day goes by in Canada without a progressive politician somewhere expressing shame for something their country has done. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, national self-flagellator in chief, did so on the world stage at the United Nations this fall. The right does it too, but their gripes about Canada are usually policy-specific, not aimed at the country’s entire history and culture. Mark Jacka wonders why the left has such a dismal opinion of their country, so devoid of any fair-minded historical or international context, and warns that national self-loathing may eventually lead to national self-destruction.

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