Author: Leif Malling

Conservative arts policy: Not an oxymoron

When conservatives treat arts and culture with the same disdain that artists generally bestow on conservatives, guess who wins? Margaret Atwood and Neil Young, every time. Why? Because art is important to everybody. If conservatives want to win, write Geoff Owen and Leif Malling, they better reconcile themselves to that fact, put serious thought and effort into arts policy, and stop dumping on artists.

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Breaking the Ontario Deadlock

Sorry other Canadians, but Ontarians will decide who gets to govern our country on October 19. They’ve got 121 (36 percent) of the 338 seats in the House of Commons. Through most of the campaign, the Liberals and Conservatives have been running dead even there, with the NDP a close third. Heading into the home stretch, the outcome is still far from certain, writes Leif Malling. Much depends on whether Ontarians hedge their bets, as they usually do, by balancing the Liberal government in Queen’s Park with a Conservative one in Ottawa.

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