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Karen Selick is a retired lawyer and freelance writer living in rural Ontario who has written about civil forfeiture since before Ontario enacted its legislation and, in her former capacity as Litigation Director for the Canadian Constitution Foundation, was instrumental in bringing the Reilly case on board for the CCF’s assistance.

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  • A police officer pulls you over on suspicion for some crime and seizes your car. Charges are never laid. But you don’t get your car back. Highway robbery by a rogue cop? Nope, this kind of seizure is perfectly legal, and not uncommon, in provinces that have civil forfeiture laws. It’s tarted up as compensation for victims of crime, but governments pocket most of the proceeds. Karen Selick’s story on this institutionalized abuse of due process focuses on the nightmarish persecution of Ontarians Maggie and Terry Reilly, innocent victims whose financial and personal lives were crippled by faceless bureaucrats who will never be held to account.

  • Posted: March 19, 2012

    In the 30 years since the adoption of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, any cautious optimism that freedom loving Canadians had in 1982 has proven to be unfounded as the courts have continuously enabled an ever-expanding state to the detriment of freedom.