Author: Joseph Quesnel

Conservative fixes for failed Liberal aboriginal policy

Mass murder in La Loche, mass suicide in Attawapiskat, mass unemployment, dependency, and hopelessness in aboriginal communities from coast to coast to coast. This is the legacy of Canadian aboriginal policy, most of which was authored by Liberal governments. It’s time for a new approach, writes Joseph Quesnel, a philosophically conservative approach that respects First Nations culture and diversity, supports local political and economic autonomy, and moves slowly and incrementally towards a new and better relationship between Canadians and Indigenous peoples.

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Canadian mystery novel provides truth about Aboriginal life

Novelist Leo Tolstoy wrote that the truth can be found in fiction. This is evident in Incidents in the Life of Markus Paul, a 2011 novel by Canadian writer David Adams Richards. While ostensibly a murder mystery involving a New Brunswick First Nations reserve, Incidents uncovers truth about human nature and our preference for easy answers. Joseph Quesnel reviews this novel and also discusses how it elucidates Native-newcomer misunderstandings.

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Q&A with Joanne Marcotte

c2c’s Joseph Quesnel interviews Joanne Marcotte, a pioneer in Quebec’s freedom movement, a co-founder of the Réseau Liberté Québec and author of the recently-released Pour en finir avec le governemama

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