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Jason Tucker is finishing his Masters degree in Political Management at Carleton University. He worked for one of Doug Ford’s opponents during Ontario’s leadership race, and later managed the winning election campaign of a PC candidate.

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  • Progressives agree populism is deplorable, responsible for electing xenophobic governments in parts of Europe, the Brexit mess, and that Twit in the White House. But what about Ontario Conservative Premier Doug Ford? He’s “for the people” too, like other populists claim to be, but instead of picking fights with immigrants and launching trade wars, he’s lowering the cost of beer and energy and trying to shrink Toronto’s bloated City Council. The left and the courts are pushing back hard, but Ford still looks like Canada’s best bet to rescue populism from the pit of elite condescension. Jason Tucker reports.

  • University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson was interviewed at his home on November 13 by Jason Tucker and Jason VandenBeukel on behalf of C2C Journal. What follows is a transcript of their conversation, edited for length and clarity, in which Peterson explains why he launched a one-man campaign this fall, via YouTube and other media and in public debates, against legislating protection for gender identity and expression into federal and provincial human rights codes and hate crime laws. Through his videos and numerous news stories, Peterson’s ideas have reached millions of people and precipitated a vigorous public debate about gender identity and free speech.

  • Ever wonder what’s going on in the head of the guy who’s being tossed above the crowd in the mosh pit at a heavy metal rock concert? Jason Tucker knows, he’s been there. And in his mind, metal is an elemental expression of conservative values. When metalheads sing, and dance, they are making a statement about their love of freedom that is perfectly aligned with the philosophy of Burke, Mill and Hayek.