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Howard Anglin is the Executive Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation. He was formerly the Senior Advisor, Legal Affairs and Policy, and Deputy Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

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  • Here’s the lede on the Toronto Star story about last week’s Ontario government response to a court decision: “Premier Doug Ford has triggered the nuclear option in his battle to slash Toronto city council.” The “nuclear option” was the invocation of Section 33 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which enables democratically elected governments to overrule appointed judges in limited circumstances. The circumstances here had to do with how many politicians it takes to run Toronto. But OMG, according to the Star, the NDP opposition, and much of the media commentariat, Ford has blown up the rule of law in Canada. Oh please, writes Howard Anglin, he’s just exercised a legal tool created by the framers of the 1982 Constitution to maintain the balance of power between the legislative and judicial branches of government. High time, too.