Author: Brian Giesbrecht

Who Pressured Whom?

The beatification of Jody Wilson-Raybould as the defender of Canada’s rule of law against the depredations of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his minions continues. But there’s another side to this story, writes Brian Giesbrecht. While her boss was trying to bend the law for SNC-Lavalin, Wilson-Raybould was doing the same to advance a radical Indigenous rights agenda.

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A Plea to End Canadian Apartheid

Only a small number of Canadian authors and thinkers publicly question the racial segregation underpinning Aboriginal law and policy. The latest to do so is northern Ontario lawyer Peter Best, in a passionate and wide-ranging book entitled There Is No Difference. In an age when the human equality lessons of Mandela, King, Lincoln and Gandhi have been turned upside-down by identity politics, Best warns that Canadian apartheid is plunging the country ever-deeper into racial division and economic paralysis. Despite its flaws, writes Brian Giesbrecht, Best has produced an important and hopeful work.

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