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For Canadians who favour free markets and limited government, who are proud of their country’s history and values, and who prize individual liberty and responsibility, the news hasn’t been very good lately.

Canada’s ability to compete as a responsible and competitive natural resources producer is dying of self-inflicted wounds. Our governments are running up debt on future generations while crippling their economic opportunities. Our capacity to defend our sovereignty grows weaker by the day. Our public square has been invaded by authoritarian bullies who are crushing freedom of belief and expression in the name of “social justice”.

But here, at last, is some good news.

C2C Journal is growing. Thanks to the support of our readers, contributors, and especially donors, we are increasing and improving content, hiring new talent, launching a redesigned website, and strengthening our capacity to compete in the digital news and analysis market.

Most importantly to our readership and our contributors alike, we are doubling the flow of fresh, interesting, provocative, and entertaining original stories. We intend to occupy some of the vast empty space where fair and accurate Canadian journalism used to be. We’ll do it by, first, providing more high-quality content that reliably delivers new, leading ideas in polished prose steeped in conservative and libertarian principles and inflected with compassion and humour; and, second, by muscling it into the space with a sustained social media marketing push.

C2C Journal has been publishing continuously for over 11 years. It has been operating as part of the Manning Foundation for over four years. Never has it been in a stronger position to compete for influence in the national conversation. It is no accident that the hunger for ideas and arguments to refute radical progressive dogma has also never been greater. With two critical elections looming in 2019 – federally as well as in Alberta – the voices of tolerance and reason will now have a sturdy platform in C2C from which to make their political, economic, and social arguments.

If you’re a Journal reader you will know that those voices hail from all over the country. They are men and women of diverse backgrounds and opinions, ranging from prominent established writers to new, emerging ones. They are an eclectic and self-selecting community of thinkers and truth-seekers. We know there are many more like them among our readers, and our expansion will create opportunities for more of you to weigh in, cry out, share your ideas, and proclaim your love and aspirations for our country.

Among the changes that take effect immediately is one that will come as a great relief to those with overcrowded inboxes. Instead of emailing subscribers about every story we publish, we will henceforth email only weekly summaries highlighting our newest stories. The inaugural summary features four excellent pieces. Three of them are related to the “five-alarm fire” raging in Canada’s blockaded energy sector, reflecting our conviction that this is by far the most important story in the country today.

This Week’s News & Ideas That Lead from C2C Journal are:

Thank you for your support and encouragement. We’re excited to be able to bring you more articles, a greater range of topics, even better writing, more timely publication, and a higher profile. Please spend some time exploring our new website, including some of the great stuff in our archives. And if you can’t find the Donate button, feel free to email and I’ll be very pleased to tell you where it is.

Pro Patria,

Paul Bunner
C2C Journal Editor and Beach Discoverer

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