Day: December 1, 2016

Jordan Peterson: The man who reignited Canada’s culture war

The last bastion of liberalism, the Economist recently said of Canada. While the rest of the world was embracing reactionary populism, we were a progressive light in the growing darkness. What they missed, though, was a YouTube video by a University of Toronto professor declaiming new laws banning old words in the name of transgender rights. Millions of hits later, Jordan Peterson looks like the vanguard of a counterattack on political correctness and the spark that reignited the culture wars in Canada. Jason VandenBeukel pokes the fire for C2C.

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‘We’re teaching university students lies’ – An interview with Dr Jordan Peterson

University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson was interviewed at his home on November 13 by Jason Tucker and Jason VandenBeukel on behalf of C2C Journal. What follows is a transcript of their conversation, edited for length and clarity, in which Peterson explains why he launched a one-man campaign this fall, via YouTube and other media and in public debates, against legislating protection for gender identity and expression into federal and provincial human rights codes and hate crime laws. Through his videos and numerous news stories, Peterson’s ideas have reached millions of people and precipitated a vigorous public debate about gender identity and free speech.

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The New Campus Rebels: C2C Journal’s Winter 2016 Edition

Trigger warning: the Winter 2016 edition of C2C Journal contains ideas and opinions that are not tolerated on many university campuses today. Some of them may offend human rights codes, refuse to acknowledge identities, and even question “settled science”. But if you believe provocation in defence of free expression is no vice then take heart, you are not alone, as you will discover in a collection of essays and articles about the rising backlash against politically correct tyranny, on campus and elsewhere, starting with Paul Bunner’s lead editorial, Jason VandenBeukel’s profile of University of Toronto counterrevolutionary Jordan Peterson, and Jason Tucker’s exclusive interview with Peterson.

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