Day: July 31, 2014

Senator Duffy’s Going to Court but PM Harper’s on Trial

In the federal election eight months from now we’ll find out how much damage the latest Quebec-centric political scandal has caused the Liberal Party of Canada. Previous ones, like the “Adscam” affair that crippled the Liberals in the 2006 election, involved millions of misappropriated tax dollars. So far “Lavagate” is about meddling with justice, not stealing money. The “Duffygate” scandal that dogged the Conservatives in the 2015 election involved a paltry $90,000 – and it got paid back. So it wasn’t really about money either. Or justice, as it turned out, when none of the charges stuck. As John Weissenberger wrote for C2C, it was mainly about the allegedly diabolical machinations of Stephen Harper. Readers can judge for themselves whether it belongs in the same league as Adscam or Lavagate.

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