If you are interested in writing a piece for C2C Journal, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

The editorial board of C2C is interested in well-expressed, insightful, original thoughts regardless of nationality, political background or political preferences and ideological labels. The piece must be accessible to an intelligent, interested audience, capable of understanding a sustained discussion, but not necessarily familiar with the terms used in a specific field.

Essays, thoughtful commentaries and reviews on Canada, including her domestic politics, developments outside of Canada of interest to Canadians and non-Canadians alike, and on culture (high or popular), foreign affairs, and faith or any combination of the above, with an eye to broadening the national debate by exploring principles of democratic governance, individual freedom, free markets, environmental stewardship, peace and security.

There are two ways to submit your piece. The best way is to propose a topic and then receive feedback from the editorial staff via email. This will not guarantee that C2C will publish a given piece, but it will give you an initial indication before investing too many hours on your submission.

The second option is to write a full draft of your piece and then submit it. The editorial staff will review your submission and let you know whether it will be considered for publication.

Please note that C2C does not consider articles that are simultaneously under consideration for publication elsewhere.

A timely piece about a recent news item that has sparked your interest is always valuable and has a better chance of succeeding, though less timely reflective pieces will also be considered.

All submissions should be e-mailed to in an attached Word document.

If you have not already been published in C2C Journal, please indicate your name, writing experience, and expertise in the subject, as applicable.

Note we do not require nor desire footnotes or endnotes. Think essay-style and not policy or academic style when writing up your piece. We trust that authors will be able to back up their assertions if challenged.