Barbara Kay

Barbara Kay is a columnist for the National Post. This essay was adapted from remarks she made May 9 at a McGill University symposium on New Directions in... Learn more »

Ben Woodfinden

Ben Woodfinden is an Ottawa based writer. He was a 2017 Manning Centre intern and holds an MA in Political... Learn more »

Bill Bewick

Bill Bewick is an Edmonton-based political consultant and public policy analyst who served as the Wildrose Official Opposition Director of Policy from... Learn more »

Daniel J. Mol

Daniel J. Mol is a lawyer in full time practice in Alberta since his call to the bar in... Learn more »

David Solway

David Solway is a Canadian poet and essayist. His most recent book of poetry is Installations (Signal, 2015) and his prose work Reflections on Music, Poetry,... Learn more »

Fred Litwin

Fred Litwin has been studying the JFK assassination since 1975 and is the author of Conservative Confidential: Inside the Fabulous Blue... Learn more »

Garnett Genuis

Garnett Genuis is the Conservative MP for the Alberta riding of Sherwood Park-Fort... Learn more »

George Koch

George Koch is a veteran Calgary journalist who covered the constitutional and energy wars of the 1980s and 90s for Alberta Report... Learn more »

Grant Brown

Grant Brown (no relation to Patrick Brown) holds a doctorate from Oxford University, and an LL.B. from the University of Alberta. He taught ethics and... Learn more »

Hymie Rubenstein

Hymie Rubenstein is a retired Professor of Anthropology at the University of... Learn more »

John Robson

John Robson is a documentary filmmaker, columnist with the National Post and commentator-at-large with News Talk Radio 580 CFRA in Ottawa. He holds a PhD in... Learn more »

Lee Harding

Lee Harding is a Research Associate for the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. The former Saskatchewan Director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation was also... Learn more »

Mark Jacka

Mark Jacka graduated from the University of Alberta in 2016 with a degree in Political Science. He lives in... Learn more »

Mark Milke

Mark Milke is a Calgary author and author of a forthcoming book on the fake victimhood... Learn more »

Matt Bufton

Matt Bufton is the Executive Director of the Institute for Liberal Studies (ILS), an Ottawa-based educational non-profit that delivers programs for university... Learn more »

Matthew Lau

Matthew Lau is a Toronto... Learn more »

Nigel Hannaford

For six years, Nigel Hannaford was Manager of Speechwriting in Stephen Harper’s Prime Minister’s Office. Today, he operates a boutique communications... Learn more »

Paige MacPherson

Paige MacPherson works for a taxpayer research and advocacy group in Alberta and is a contributing writer to Canadians for Affordable... Learn more »

Patrick Keeney

Patrick Keeney is currently residing in Thailand, where he is a visiting professor at Chiang Mai University, and an educational advisor to the Ban Maeta... Learn more »

Peter Shawn Taylor

Peter Shawn Taylor is editor-at-large for Maclean’s... Learn more »

Peter Stockland

Peter Stockland is the publisher of Convivium... Learn more »

Robert MacBain

Toronto author Robert MacBain is a former newspaper reporter and public relations consultant. He is the author of two books and will be releasing a book on the... Learn more »

Sean Speer

Sean Speer is a Senior Fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier... Learn more »

F.L. Ted Morton

Dr. F.L. (Ted) Morton is a former Alberta Finance Minister and Energy Minister. Currently he is an Executive Fellow at the University of Calgary School of... Learn more »

Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is a recent PhD graduate in Political Science from the University of Calgary. He is originally from the Halifax... Learn more »