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Sarah Beattie is an MA student in Biomedical Ethics at McGill University, and a graduate of the honours philosophy program at St. Francis Xavier University. Her interest in medical ethics stems from her personal experience with many children who have disabilities. Currently, her research focuses on the philosophical issues in neonatology and related problems of personhood and moral status, particularly in those cases where cognitive disability is implicated.

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  • Posted: August 4, 2017

    People around the world were riveted by the pathetic story of Charlie Gard, the genetically cursed 11-month-old at the centre of a legal fight for his life between his parents and the British healthcare system. For many, it was a case of justifiable infanticide. But for McGill University biomedical ethics student Sarah Beattie, it was a chilling glimpse of what’s in the coldly utilitarian hearts of many cutting edge thinkers in her field.