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Toronto author Robert MacBain was director of communications for the 1974 national Liberal campaign. He was a reporter on major Canadian newspapers in the 1960s, consultant to the Department of Indian Affairs in the early 1970s, and is the author of Their Home and Native Land, a book based on more than 100 hours of interviews with Aboriginal leaders and a considerable amount of research and personal experience. His website is

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  • Posted: August 12, 2017

    Pierre Trudeau despised ethnic nationalism. He was contemptuous of its expression in Quebec’s separatist movement. And when the Aboriginal political leaders of his time demanded racially-segregated self-government, as prime minister he told them Canada would not let them have it without a serious – and perhaps bloody – fight. His son, current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, holds very different views. His government is promising “nation-to-nation” negotiations to formalize race-based Aboriginal self-government. On this issue, writes Robert MacBain, the apple has fallen a long way from the tree.