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John Robson is a columnist with the National Post.

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    Posted: March 1, 2017

    Even as the thud that announces the arrival of the morning newspaper on his doorstep grows ever fainter, John Robson’s coffee cup is more than half full. Good riddance to the boring liberal pablum that has dominated Canadian print media for over a century, he writes. The Internet, for all its faults, heralds the imminent return of healthy journalistic anarchy, with salutary implications for democracy, as editorial creators and distributors re-learn that content is king and advertising is secondary to commercial success.

  • An idea that was born as an article in the Fall 2014 edition of C2C Journal has been made into a video documentary by its author, John Robson. True, Strong and Free: Fixing Canada’s Constitution explains how the solid constitutional framework we inherited from Great Britain was undone by the “botched” amendments of 1982. In defiance of the current political and media consensus that it’s too difficult and dangerous to reopen the constitution, Robson makes a compelling argument that it can and must be reopened to repair the damage to our parliamentary democracy.

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    Posted: June 5, 2016

    “Look in the mirror,” former Alberta Premier Jim Prentice told voters just before they gave his government a mighty heave ho. Albertans had plenty of reasons to be mad at Prentice, but the mirror comment was the last straw. How dare he blame us for Alberta’s problems? But if not us, then who? Millions of Americans will elect either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump president of the United States this fall. Both are manifestly unfit for the job and four years hence voters will be madder than ever. This vicious circle won’t be broken, writes John Robson, until voters own up to their role in it.

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    Posted: June 8, 2015

    Senator Mike Duffy may go to jail and he may bring down the Conservative government. He may eventually be judged the single most important cause of the abolition of the Canadian Senate. His name may join “carpetbaggery” and “featherbedding” as a new synonym for gross opportunism and petty corruption. But even if none of that happens, his place in Canadian history is assured, because C2C contributor John Robson has written an epic doggerel poem in the great comedic literary tradition of Robert Service that elevates Mike Duffy to the status of Dan Magrew and Sam McGee. Maybe even higher, because the only thing fictional about Mike is where he lives.

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    A Constitution ought to be inspiring and functional. Canada’s is neither. Instead of a clear set of governing principles, it’s a mass of contradictions. Instead of a framework for democratic evolution, it marginalizes legislators. The 1982 Framers vandalized the work of the 1867 Founders, put the country in a Constitutional straightjacket, and left our fate to the Courts. However risky and difficult another attempt at reform might be, John Robson says it’s time to take the plunge.

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    Ottawa Sun columnist and broadcaster John Robson has a few educational tips for the federal Tories. He starts with this advice: watch for policy sloth brought on by five years of minority government…

  • Vol 2 Issue 4 - Robson Piece

    Posted: June 22, 2009

    It’s starting to look like 1933 out there. With the stock market in a shambles and the economy slumping, governments are racking their brains, and history, for expensive solutions. But they are not finding what they think they are.