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George Koch is a veteran Calgary journalist and corporate communications business owner.

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  • Despite all its booms and busts, for most of its history Alberta has outperformed the rest of Canada in investment, business creation, economic growth, employment, population gain, and most other measures of prosperity. Today, nearly three years after the last energy price downturn, and two-and-a-half years into the carbon-phobic mandates of an NDP provincial government in Edmonton and a Liberal regime in Ottawa, Alberta is enduring a crippling divestment of capital, jobs and wealth, and waning confidence that it will ever recover from the current bust. George Koch tours the ruins, searching for his province’s salvation.

  • Stephen Harper didn’t look or sound like a radical, but he was radically different than any of the 21 Canadian prime ministers who came before him. It wasn’t the far right radicalism his enemies accused him of – but simply his overarching western, conservative view of the functioning of the federation and the relationship between the state and the individual. His predecessors were all reliable servants of the Laurentian Thesis, the old paternalistic liberal, eastern elite consensus that prevailed until Harper. The essence of his legacy, write George Koch and Martin Grün, is that Canadians will remember their taste of liberation from the Laurentians and insist on more.