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Gaurav Singhmar was born in India and in 1985 moved with his parents to a small farm in northern Alberta. He now lives in Edmonton.

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  • Jagmeet Singh is a strong contender to win the federal NDP leadership next month. He’s young, handsome, well-spoken, a natty dresser, and progressive on all the right issues. Except one that his admirers never talk about: the bizarre belief he shares with Sikh extremists that India committed genocide in the Punjab 30 years ago. Oh, and he’s also a passionate defender of Muslim orthodoxy in the form of the niqab. In spite of these views, or perhaps because of them, he’s a progressive darling. But Gaurav Singhmar, an Edmonton writer who also has roots in the Punjab, urges New Democrats to give Singh a wide berth, even if he is a hottie.