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Fred Litwin is the Ottawa-based founder of the Free Thinking Film Society and author of Conservative Confidential: Inside the Fabulous Blue Tent.

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  • Posted: July 18, 2018

    Somewhere in an Ontario long-term care facility today, a LGBTQ senior may be facing bullying and discrimination. We know this from a recent CBC news report that broke our current ageist fixation on the rights of LGBTQ schoolchildren. The story inspired Fred Litwin to imagine how Ontario’s new Conservative government might deal with this neglected social justice issue, in a hypothetical bureaucratic memo to Health Minister Christine Elliot. Laugh if you dare.

  • The CBC is Canada’s largest single source of news, information and entertainment. But like other domestic content providers, it’s bleeding audience to global infotainment megacorporations. More public money for the CBC might be the only way to keep producing a critical mass of Canadian stories, produced by Canadians, for Canadians. But in the last month, CBC has aired one documentary peddling debunked JFK conspiracy theories, and another promoting “decolonization” to mark Canada’s 150th birthday, and spiked a third because it offended some transgender activists. If this is Canadian content, writes Fred Litwin, he’s tuning out.

  • Ottawa writer and conservative political activist Fred Litwin has been involved in the gay rights movement for four decades. He has seen it grow and evolve to include a wide range of people who genuinely need and deserve legal rights and protections. But he’s had it with the militants in the modern transgender rights movement. In their rejection of biological reality and nonsensical demands for social and legal accommodations, writes Litwin, they are corrupting medicine, undermining free speech, and threatening the legitimacy of the mainstream gay rights movement.

  • Posted: June 22, 2015

    Political correctness has always been a little funny, in the same way that watching a child’s tantrum can be funny. Unlike kids’ tantrums though, political correctness never goes away. It just seems to get sillier – and more sinister – over time. The old debates over things like feminine honorifics and words to describe physical and mental handicaps seem quaint by comparison to today’s bizarre disputes over race and gender. They’re funnier than ever in Fred Litwin’s compilation of modern PC stories for C2C, but more ominous than ever too, in their implications for free expression, tolerance, social harmony, and humour itself.

  • Posted: March 1, 2015

    As a young man Fred Litwin was as progressive as they come, a passionate advocate for gay rights, justice for Palestinians, and the peace movement, among others. At the turn of the millennium, he started to have doubts, particularly after reading Horowitz’s book about his communist-to-conservative conversion. Then came 9-11, and the chorus of America-bashing by the Left in its wake. It was the last straw, and Litwin decided to come out as a gay conservative.

  • The 1960s were once labelled the “Destructive Generation” by two former American leftists , David Horowitz and Peter Collier . But the 1960s weren’t all bad argues Fred Litwin, founder of Ottawa’s Free Thinking Film Festival. And he has a question: can one say that about today's post-modern Left?