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Ben Woodfinden is a research and policy intern at the Manning Centre. Born and raised in Manchester, England, he emigrated to Canada as a teenager, became a Canadian citizen, and obtained a Masters Degree in Political Science from Carleton University.

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  • Posted: May 30, 2017

    Within days of the Manchester terrorist bombing, British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn blamed U.K. foreign policy for inciting Islamist extremism. Prime Minister Theresa May immediately pounced, accusing Corbyn of blaming the victims. It was a typically guileless Corbyn blunder and a typically adroit May response. But May’s early successes as PM, which will likely include another Tory election win next month, aren’t just due to her lame opponent. She is the face of a bold new Toryism, writes Ben Woodfinden, one rooted in traditional British nationalism and communitarian ideals. Amid echoes of Thatcher, May is quickly emerging as the anglosphere’s most important conservative political leader.