About C2C Journal

C2C: Canada’s Journal of Ideas is a new online journal which launched in May 2007. It publishes articles by established and emerging authors quarterly; readers discuss and debate articles in this online forum.


Editorial Policy

c2c Journal aims to contribute to the national arena of ideas by promoting principles of:

  • Democratic governance
  • Individual freedom
  • Free markets
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Peace and security

Founding Advisory Council

  • Preston Manning
  • Dr. Tom Flanagan
  • John O’Sullivan
  • David Frum
  • Patricia Trottier
  • Gwyn Morgan
  • Peter G. White
  • Dr. Michael Walker
  • Dr. Travis D. Smith
  • Dr. Andre Turcotte

Current Advisory Board

  • Bunner

    Paul Bunner is the incoming editor of C2C Journal. He is a longtime journalist and former speechwriter for numerous federal, provincial and municipal politicians, including Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Wildrose Party leader Danielle Smith.

  • 1425252_10152069565218579_120847325_o

    Peter McCaffrey is a Research Fellow at the Manning Foundation. Based in Calgary, he coordinates the Foundation’s research program on municipal governance and is also responsible for commissioning outside experts to contribute to the organization’s work. Peter is regularly interviewed on nationwide and local TV and radio and his work has been featured in many newspapers, magazines and websites. Most recently, he worked as a Policy Analyst for the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, managing their Saskatchewan office in Regina for two and a half years. Before coming to Canada, Peter was based in New Zealand where he had significant experience in leading issue campaigns, in political campaign management and twice stood for Parliament.​

  • Andrea Mrozek

    Andrea Mrozek has a Master’s Degree in History from the University of Toronto, and is Executive Director at the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada. Andrea writes and speaks about education, child care, women’s issues and how family life affects the economy, and vice versa. Andrea’s opinion pieces have appeared in the National Post, Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Montreal Gazette, Toronto Sun and the Ottawa Citizen and she is frequently on TV and radio stations across Canada. In 2008, she launched the first exclusively female pro-life voice website in Canada with a team of bloggers at ProWomanProLife.org. She has been an intern at the Fraser Institute and Toronto Life magazine. Born in Toronto, Andrea moved to Calgary to work as Associate Editor for the Western Standard, a Calgary-based news magazine. She now calls Ottawa home.

  • Kathleen-Welsch-150x150

    Kathleen Welsch is C2C Journal’s associate editor and has a broad range of international experience including working in the oil and gas sector in global finance and project services control and planning functions. Kathleen is currently pursuing an MBA at the University of Calgary and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in International Business.  Kathleen has also served as an advisor on the Conservative party’s Calgary Centre Advisory Council and was a member of its Policy Committee.

  • milki2

    Mark Milke, Ph.D. is an author, policy analyst and columnist with four books and dozens of studies published across Canada and internationally in the last two decades. A Senior Fellow with the Fraser Institute, his work has also been published in the United States and Europe by the American Enterprise Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation and the Brussels-based Centre for European Studies. Mark’s work touches on everything from taxes, civil rights, and private property to airline competition, insurance, aboriginal policy, government monopolies and the folly of crony capitalism to lighter topics such as architecture, art, and hiking.

    Mark is a Saturday columnist for the Calgary Herald and his columns also appear in the Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun and Winnipeg Free Press. Mark has a PhD in International Relations and Political Philosophy from the University of Calgary, is President of Civitas—a Society for Ideas, chairman of the editorial board of Canada’s Journal of Ideas C2C Journal, and a past lecturer in Political Science at the University of Calgary.

    Mark Milke’s first book was described by former Vancouver Sun editor Trevor Lautens as “written with style and wit, a must for the thoughtful, and a stimulus for the forgetful.” Toronto Star columnist Carol Goar describes Mark as a “skilled researcher who uncovers information governments would prefer to keep hidden.”

    Mark lives in Calgary, and his non-professional life includes interests in architecture, history, art, music, mountains and photography; Mark is a regular hiker, skier and runner.