Volume 7 – Issue 1: Quacks and Conspiracies: The undermining of science and your health

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C2C Journal has just released its latest issue.  Please follow the links to read our latest articles:

Why science matters – Mark Milke

The Scientific Method and Why it Matters —Tom Flanagan

The False Promise of False Science: Homeopathy as pseudoscience —Timothy Caulfield

Why “Natural” Medicine is not the Same as Safe Medicine – Heather Boon

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad GMO? – Alan McHugen

Peaking Behind the Veil: The Artificial Promises of Organic Food – Mark Hanson

Why Celebrities and TV Doctors are Bad for Your Health  —Steven J. Hoffman and Julia Belluz

The Utopian’s Dilemma: In Praise of the 10,000 Mile Diet —Kenneth P. Green

The Suzanne Somers Effect: How Medical Conspiracy Theories are Making us Sicker – Jonathan Kay


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