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Greece-EU Roulette: Where Nobody Ever Pulls the Trigger


If history repeats itself, first as tragedy, then as farce, what to make of modern Greece? We are five long years into Greece’s economic crisis and we have yet to figure out if the Greek parrot is dead, or merely resting. By opting to extend (the Greek bailout) and pretend (it will get paid back) […]

All the world’s a political stage. And all the protestors merely players

Current thinking about evolutionary theory allows for the continuing development of sub-species and sub sub-species as a result of a ...

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May Day! May Day! Alberta elects the NDP

All the world that's owned by idle drones is ours and ours alone. We have laid the wide foundations; built it ...

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Explaining the beaver to the eagle

This is an abridged version of a speech Preston Manning gave at the 2003 Leacock Luncheon at McGill University.   You may ...

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Caution: This article defends privileges

Before you read this article I want to make sure you have the proper trigger warnings. I will be touching ...

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Funny tales from campaign trails

Preston Manning: Reform Party of Canada candidate in Yellowhead (Alberta), 1988. On one of our first door-knocking calls early in the ...

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Canada needs fewer protest marches and more laugh riots

There was another rally on the lawns of Parliament Hill the other day. Three hundred or so protestors gathered in ...

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The Québec student strikes explained

The perennial strikes by college students in Québec represent one of the most misunderstood phenomena in the history of Western ...

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The indictment of Mike Duffy

There are strange things done in elections won By the folks who moil for votes; The backroom trails have their secret tales That ...

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Why conservatives are funnier than liberals

By the very nature of their philosophy, conservatives are disposed to be more optimistic and fun-loving than liberals. Liberals (a ...

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If you have no sense of humour, stop reading now

Of all the literary genres, humour is the hardest. Especially political humour. Just ask Green Party leader Elizabeth May after ...

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