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Liberal Lessons in Democracy


Regular C2C Journal contributor Mark Milke recently lamented the demise of the “Calgary School” of classical liberal academics who once dominated the political science department at the University of Calgary. They were a rare source of philosophical diversity in a Canadian academic world dominated by progressives. But there are others like them, including some of their protégés, and a dozen have contributed to a new collection of essays espousing classical liberalism as essential to civic education and democracy. Patrick Keeney reviews Liberal Education, Civic Education, and the Canadian Regime.

Treaties made to be broken

This June the Federal Court of Appeal quashed the former Conservative government’s approval of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, citing ...

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The antidote to rising protectionism

The World Trade Organization marked its 20th anniversary last year and hardly anybody noticed. The WTO’s promise of globalized free ...

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The immortal poetry experiment

The literary avant-garde has exhausted itself. Contemporary stars of “conceptual” poetry, such as Vanessa Place and Kenneth Goldsmith, now recycle ...

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The road back from serfdom

Friedrich von Hayek dedicated The Road to Serfdom to “the socialists of all parties.” This serves as a valuable reminder ...

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He's Number One: Trump Leads GOP Field in New Poll / Mike Licht

How Trump Wins

Does Donald Trump actually want the job of leader of the free world? It’s a question people have been asking ...

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Hillary Rodham Clinton uses her BlackBerry in October 2011, while she was secretary of State. Kevin Lamarque / Associated Press

Another Clinton, for Better or Worse

The worst moment in Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the United States presidency – so far – came on July 5 ...

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All the angry young white men

Of the multitudes contained in Donald Trump’s electoral coalition – and it should surprise no one that an endlessly flexible ...

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Canada’s conservative Brexiteers

During the 1992 Charlottetown constitutional referendum, I was a senior staffer in the Prime Minister’s Office of Brian Mulroney. Despite ...

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Democracy in America (same as it ever was)

Many Americans are understandably dissatisfied with their choices in the U.S. presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton evokes scorn in most Republicans, ...

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Why Americans yearn to be great again

In 1989, after the unforeseen fall of the Berlin Wall, a baffled American diplomat who had long been stationed in ...

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