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Canada’s conservative Brexiteers


Shockwaves from the Brexit referendum have not been contained to the British economy and politics. They’re echoing in Canada too, with four possible Conservative party leaders endorsing the Leave side. Does this signal the future direction for the party, wonders David McLaughlin, leading away from open borders, trade and immigration? If so, he warns, it could revive some of the old divisions within the party.

Democracy in America (same as it ever was)

Many Americans are understandably dissatisfied with their choices in the U.S. presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton evokes scorn in most Republicans, ...

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Why Americans yearn to be great again

In 1989, after the unforeseen fall of the Berlin Wall, a baffled American diplomat who had long been stationed in ...

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How conservatism can survive Trumpism

"We must, as a nation, become more unpredictable." This may be the truest and least controversial statement Donald Trump has made ...

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Real estate mogul and TV personality Donald Trump formally announces his bid for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination during an event at Trump Tower in New York

Fear of Trump and loathing of Clinton on campaign trail ‘16

American political satirist Hunter S. Thompson covered the 1972 U.S. presidential election in a series of articles for Rolling Stone ...

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The corrupt voter at the rotten core of democracy

We have met the enemy and he is us           - Pogo What has gone wrong with democratic politics? Why are voters so ...

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Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press

The facade of Conservative unity

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the Conservative Party’s national convention in Vancouver this past weekend is how united the ...

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The sum of all Tocqueville’s fears

Nearly 200 years ago, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote in his famous work, Democracy in America, that electing the President of ...

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Democracy in America

Supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are predicting nothing less than the fall of the American empire if their ...

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Conservative fixes for failed Liberal aboriginal policy

As Canada stands poised to celebrate its 150th year since Confederation, it is high time we deal with the advancement ...

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The end of real diversity in Canadian academe

In a recent letter to university presidents, the head of the Canada Research Chairs program sent out a distress signal ...

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