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True, Strong and Free: Fixing Canada’s Constitution


An idea that was born as an article in the Fall 2014 edition of C2C Journal has been made into a video documentary by its author, John Robson. True, Strong and Free: Fixing Canada’s Constitution explains how the solid constitutional framework we inherited from Great Britain was undone by the “botched” amendments of 1982. In defiance of the current political and media consensus that it’s too difficult and dangerous to reopen the constitution, Robson makes a compelling argument that it can and must be reopened to repair the damage to our parliamentary democracy.

Then they came for the teachers

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not ...

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The natural governing party is back

Prior to the 2004 federal election campaign, internal polling by the Conservatives found that the Liberal brand was so strong ...

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Free the museums!

Theoretically next year’s 150th anniversary of Confederation is an opportunity to celebrate Canada’s history – a story of economic, cultural ...

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Conservative arts policy: Not an oxymoron

Artists are left wing, almost without exception. Most are contemptuous of conservatives. They loathe capitalism, trash tradition and back all ...

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Christina’s World by Andrew Wyeth: ‘Authentic conservatism.’ (Image: theimaginativeconservative.org)

Conservative art? It’s complicated

The most expensive words I ever said were “Condo art.” I meant it as a compliment to the superior decorating skills ...

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A poet worth reading? Start believing!

We begin with an important public service announcement from the United States:   A Stern Warning to Canada   If you want peace, withdraw your ...

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thumbs down sign

Not wanted in the village

From: Roberta Bride To: Garrison Mentaliti Subject: A Book That Must Be Stopped Dear Garry, Ever since you hired me as Chief Canadian Content ...

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The fantastic fiction of Guy Gavriel Kay

North American conservatives often lament the paucity of contemporary literature which they find simpatico. Though they might find philosophical congruence ...

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Why conservatives should stop worrying and start loving art

Canada’s official entry at this year’s prestigious Venice Biennale art exhibition features a wall built with massive sacks of gold ...

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The political power of art

Is modern conservatism unfriendly to the arts, or is it the other way around? Either way, they don’t get along ...

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