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Reefer sadness


The imminent legalization of cannabis in Canada is prompting all kinds of anxiety. Will it make it even harder for teenagers’ brains to develop? Will stoned drivers slow traffic to a crawl? Will your plane’s pilot be higher than the aircraft? These may be the least of our worries. The bigger social menace of legal dope is that it will make more of us even dumber and more self-absorbed than we already are. Culturally speaking, writes Peter Stockland, the party’s about to get a lot duller.

Senator Beyak’s Heresy and a Fish Broth Story

Four years after Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence’s fish-broth protest sparked a media frenzy and arguably ushered in Canada’s ...

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Shakedown on ice

For those paying attention to the kerfuffle over Bombardier and the parade of taxpayer cash sent there, only to have ...

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Cracking the gender code

In a move swift and sudden, yet long prepared, the opening page of our civilizational code-book, containing the basic premises ...

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Black and Right and read all over

Backward Glances: People and Events from Inside and Out By Conrad Black 741 pp: Signal, 2016 Reviewed by Patrick Keeney   This seven-hundred page collection ...

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Can democracy survive Twitter?

The introduction of new media has always been met with two very different, if predictable, responses. The first is an ...

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The revolution will be digitized

Printed news is near dead. There has been some talk of journalism going to the grave with it, but the ...

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The real truth about fake news

A month after the presidential election in the United States, a 28-year-old man drove nearly 600 kilometres from his hometown ...

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A world of information -- and none of it local

About ten years ago I was working in Calgary for City TV as a cameraman alongside veteran reporter Mike McCourt. ...

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The Canadian Internet News Corporation

Here’s a thought. Canada needs more CBC. Now wait, before your heads explode, let me explain. What we need is not ...

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All the news that’s fit to post

What’s the model for a successful online news service? Even tougher, what’s the model for a successful conservative online news ...

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