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Cracking the gender code


For many thousands of years humans held a binary view of gender, mainly defined by the observable anatomical differences between males and females. But today, according to transgender activists and, increasingly, laws written for them, gender identity has nothing to do with physiology; it’s all in our heads. Western civilization has been slouching toward this revelation for a long time, writes theologian Douglas Farrow. We had to ditch God to get there, but “cracking the gender code” allows everyone to enter the kingdom of self-worship. Farrow won’t be going though. He has sworn off gender neutrality for Lent.

Can democracy survive Twitter?

The introduction of new media has always been met with two very different, if predictable, responses. The first is an ...

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The revolution will be digitized

Printed news is near dead. There has been some talk of journalism going to the grave with it, but the ...

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The real truth about fake news

A month after the presidential election in the United States, a 28-year-old man drove nearly 600 kilometres from his hometown ...

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A world of information -- and none of it local

About ten years ago I was working in Calgary for City TV as a cameraman alongside veteran reporter Mike McCourt. ...

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The Canadian Internet News Corporation

Here’s a thought. Canada needs more CBC. Now wait, before your heads explode, let me explain. What we need is not ...

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All the news that’s fit to post

What’s the model for a successful online news service? Even tougher, what’s the model for a successful conservative online news ...

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Yesterday’s news

As somebody who spent all my working life in and around newspapers, it set my heart aflutter when I saw ...

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The Last Front Page

C2C Journal is primarily an online magazine, although we always print a few copies of each quarterly edition for marketing ...

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Situational sexism: Lock her up vs a punch in the face

I have a confession to make. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in November, a friend and I bicycled over to ...

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Trump legitimizes the anti-vaxxers

Few subjects get the mainstream media barking in unison as quickly as any criticism of vaccines. So when Robert Kennedy ...

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