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The Feminist Mistake?


Women are under-represented in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math faculties at universities across Canada. Men are under-represented in all other university subject areas, high school and post-secondary graduation rates, labour force participation trends, and in jobs with defined benefit pensions. The former is a “gender crisis” requiring affirmative action by university administrators and governments. The latter is, well, not on anybody’s radar. Peter Shawn Taylor reports.

Ideology Is No Vice, Moderation Is No Virtue

I’m a libertarian, which roughly speaking means I’m fiscally conservative and socially liberal. When you don’t have time to get into ...

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And then there was one, or two, or four, at most

“Now who do I put first on my ballot?” Reactions to Kevin O’Leary’s April 26 announcement that he was not only ...

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Searching for the soul of Canadian conservatism

Recently there has been plenty of ink spilled on the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership race, the general state of ...

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Reefer sadness

Amid the potted pilgrims rolling down Parliament Hill from the annual 4/20 Feast of Saint Cannabis celebration was a poster ...

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Si vis pacem, para bellum

Having campaigned on latter-day isolationism, U.S. President Donald Trump’s assertive conduct of foreign affairs has surprised those Americans that it ...

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Senator Beyak’s Heresy and a Fish Broth Story

Four years after Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence’s fish-broth protest sparked a media frenzy and arguably ushered in Canada’s ...

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Shakedown on ice

For those paying attention to the kerfuffle over Bombardier and the parade of taxpayer cash sent there, only to have ...

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Cracking the gender code

In a move swift and sudden, yet long prepared, the opening page of our civilizational code-book, containing the basic premises ...

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Black and Right and read all over

Backward Glances: People and Events from Inside and Out By Conrad Black 741 pp: Signal, 2016 Reviewed by Patrick Keeney   This seven-hundred page collection ...

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Can democracy survive Twitter?

The introduction of new media has always been met with two very different, if predictable, responses. The first is an ...

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